Noemi Klein Epoch 7

Epoch 7

Future Geometries – revisiting the super-modern


Steeped in visions of constructural form, the new collection is a reworking of familiar elements with an eye for intricacy, giving a starkly modern concept an aspect of delicate femininity.


Fascinated with German Expressionism, Science Fiction, Russian avant-garde Theatre, Noemi looked to Constructivism and Bauhaus for the building blocks of her new geometry. Stacks and grids are combined with natural elements of bark and rock, adding a familiar tactile organic feel.


Freshwater pearls, black Spinel and multicoloured Tourmaline appear to add subtle accents with a hint of luxury.

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Bertoia Tiers Ring


Bertoia Necklace


Gabo Ring

£203.00£216.00 £105.00£125.00

Nakashima Ring

£189.00£203.00 £90.00£100.00

Nagy Earrings

£165.00£189.00 £95.00£165.00